Animal Planet to Release Interactive Apps

The Joester Loria Group is pleased to share the partnership between our client, Discovery Communications, and Cupcake Digital, Inc. for the creation of a series of original, deluxe activity apps for preschoolers and kindergarteners under the Animal Planet brand.

 The first interactive activity app is Animal Planet’s Hide & Seek Pets featuring images of domestic pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits and turtles. Young learners will engage in a story infused with stimulating activities that help them look beyond what they already know about each animal. Using the interactive format, children can develop vocabulary skills through various games, puzzles, tracing, sequencing and sorting activities.

 Cupcake Digital has identified a need for tools that help parents prepare their children for new Common Core State Standards being adopted in 47 states in the 2013 and 2014 school year. The Common Core standards are designed to prepare children in grades K-12 for college, careers and a global economy. The Animal Planet series of apps will focus on bringing to life the exciting world of animals, species and habitats in playful games that encourage learning.

Amazon Targets Kids With Its New Freetime Unlimited Service


Amazon recently introduced a new service called “Freetime Unlimited” that could change the way families and their children access content on tablet devices. Freetime Unlimited is targeted to parents and children between the ages of three and eight and it provides unlimited access to a wide variety of children’s content  including books, games, movies, TV shows and educational apps. It’s available to Amazon Prime members for a monthly fee of  $2.99 per child per month or a family subscription for $6.99 per month and $4.99 per child per month or a family subscription for $9.99 per month for non Amazon prime members. Currently the service only is available on Kindle Fire devices.

The service also offers some safety features including disabled in-app payments, ads, and social media links/references within FreeTime content. These features should provide parents with some peace of mind about allowing their children to use tablet devices. Additionally, all of the content available through Freetime Unlimited has been pre-screened for age appropriateness. Freetime Unlimited also allows each child to create a personalized profile of the content they like.

At The Joester Loria Group we realize the growing significance of apps and digital content as part of a successful brand licensing program. The Counting with The Very Hungry Caterpillar app from our client The World of Eric Carle is just one of many educational apps that can be accessed through Freetime Unlimited.

This new service gives Amazon an advantage when it comes to capturing market share for tablets among families with young children.

Check out some of the media buzz  Freetime Unlimited already has generated: Publishers Weekly, Wired and Android Police.


Poppy Cat Utilizes Social Media To Connect Online Presence To Television Series

Poppy Cat, a top-rated pre-school television series based on Lara Jones’ bestselling books, is using social media to connect with its fan base and their parents.

By partnering with the Sprout Channel and its Sunny Side Up Show, Poppycat has been able to create engaging and exciting content for fans across all platforms. ‘Dress Up Week’ on Sprout ran at the end of October to tie in with Halloween. Sprout’s Sunny Side Up team used specific Poppy Cat episode themes as part of their social media dialogue and linked back to the television show by having Poppy Cat character Egbert dress up in every episode.  This included the presenters of The Sunny Side Up Show, Kelly and Chica, dressing up like explorers following the “Mt. Zuzu” episode of Poppy Cat. Additionally, Kelly and Chica made a pearl bracelet pattern game inspired by the “Pearl Hunt” episode of Poppy Cat.

Other social media initiatives included adding an album to the Poppy Cat Facebook page that featured the Halloween costume competition winners: and spreading the word through Twitter as well.  Sprout retweeted and shared the album as well.

In addition, Sprout is running an exclusive promotion for Poppy Cat fans on Facebook where fans can download the Poppy Cat app at a special price of 99 cents.  Additionally, Sprout will offer their Facebook fans exclusive, never-before-released tips for the Poppy Cat game.

Visit Poppy Cat’s Facebook & Twitter pages for more information.

Social media is a fantastic way for a brand to connect with the audience and provide fans additional ways to enjoy their favorite characters and storylines.

Supra NYC Celebrates Boo Johnson’s Mountain Dew Green Label Exclusives Collaboration

Earlier this month, we told you about our client Mountain Dew’s latest Green Label Exclusives collaboration with pro skater Boo Johnson and Supra Footwear. To celebrate the launch of the Boo Johnson Amigo sneaker, Supra NYC hosted a party at its store in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City on December 6.  A line of party goers wrapped around the block and the store quickly filled to capacity. Guests were treated to music by DJ  Phony Ppl and a surprise performance fromJoey Bada$$. Boo Johnson and fellow pro skater Keelan Dadd were both in attendance.  Boo Johnson’s Amigo Sneakers went on sale on Karmaloop on December 13th and sold out in less than 12 hours. For more pictures from the event, check out the recap from Complex Magazine. 

This collaboration is just the latest in a long line of successful Green Label Exclusives collaborations developed by The Joester Loria Group for Mountain Dew. This program is a great example of a brand partnership with influencers who are perfectly aligned with the culture, lifestyle and values of the brand.

Look for more collaborations to come in 2013.

Annoying Orange’s Rise To Success

Time’s Business of Creativity section recently highlighted the whirlwind success of our client, Annoying Orange. The article covers the creator of Annoying Orange, Dane Boedigheimer, and his rise to success with the property,  a YouTube webisode that soon became a viral sensation.  Since launching in 2009, Annoying Orange has expanded to a brand supported with a complete licensed merchandise program and is now a hit television series on Cartoon Network.

The Annoying Orange TV series appeals greatly to a target audience of boys, and is the top-rated show for this demographic in its Monday night slot.  The show came out with strong ratings and continues to perform, so much so that Cartoon Network ordered 15 more episodes of the Annoying Orange series this past November.

Annoying Orange continues to stay true to its roots in digital and in its most recent nod to another pop culture phenomenon, Annoying Orange spoofed Gangnam Style with a video that already has generated more than nine million views.

The article points out how the brand’s viral groundswell is what propelled it to mainstream media.  Now with an Annoying Orange Christmas album, featuring funny renditions of holiday classics, available on iTunes, and Christmas special on Cartoon Network on December 3, Annoying Orange has now established itself as here to stay.

Read Time’s article, YouTube to Boob Tube: Dane Boedigheimer’s Annoying Orange TV Show Has Kids Hooked.

Social Media’s Purchasing Power

SocialVibe, a digital advertising technology company, recently released a study that showed 70 percent of consumers who are active on social media have made a purchase as a result of their digital connection to a brand. Another valuable insight from the study was that 61 percent of those surveyed give preference to the brands they are digitally connected with when they are considering purchases.

Another key finding of the survey was that many consumers are driven to connect to a brand in the hopes of receiving special offers and/or stay up to date on the brand’s latest news. Additionally, the study suggested that the main reason consumers disconnect from brands online is because they are overwhelmed by too many updates from the brand.

The study defined a connection as liking a brand on Facebook, following a brand on Twitter or endorsing a brand on other social media platforms like Pinterest or Google +. SocialVibe surveyed more than 800 consumers to gain insight into how social media marketing affects their purchasing behavior.

At The Joester Loria Group we continue to integrate social media into all of our brand licensing programs. We realize that social media is a key driver in the retail success of licensed products.

A full recap of the study is available here:

Eric Carle’s My Very First App Launches on The Nook

The World of Eric Carle continues to expand its digital program with the launch of My Very First App on the Nook this past November. Barnes & Noble supported the launch by featuring the app in the “Great New Apps” category in the New & Noteworthy section of their website and it quickly soared to the top 10!

Night and Day Studios partnered with The World of Eric Carle to develop an app that adapts Eric Carle’s vibrant illustrations into a suite of educational and interactive games. It contains three levels of play to challenge children throughout their early learning years. The Counting with The Very Hungry Caterpillar app for iPad recently had a landmark of reaching 400 downloads in one day as well.

We look forward to sharing more news and achievements of The World of Eric Carle soon!

Mountain Dew’s Limited Edition Sneaker Release

Mountain Dew’s Green Label Exclusives program has brought together the newest member of the Dew skate team, Boo Johnson, in collaboration with SUPRA for a limited edition sneaker release.  The Boo Johnson SURPA Amigo sneaker features Boo’s preferred personal style accented with Mountain Dew’s throwback icon “Willy the Hillbilly”. 

150 pairs go on sale on December 13th at for $70. The collaboration was first showcased in SUPRA’s booth at PROJECT in August and then at the DEW Tour event in San Francisco this September. Social media marketing and advertising for the collaboration launched on Thursday, November 29th in anticipation of the retail launch. 

Mountain Dew will host a launch party today to celebrate this exciting collaboration at the SUPRA store on the Lower East Side.  Boo Johnson will be in attendance along with other Dew talent including pro skater, Keelan Dadd and the latest artist on GLX, Joey Bada$$ will be there as well.

New World of Eric Carle Room Décor From WALLS 360

The World of Eric Carle™ has partnered with Walls 360, the on-demand wall graphics company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, to launch a collection of wall graphics, featuring the characters and artwork from Eric Carle’s timeless stories including The Very Hungry CaterpillarBrown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and many others.

“Walls 360 creates amazing wall graphics for artists, designers, photographers, and brands globally,” says Tavia Campbell, Co-Founder and COO at Walls 360. “And bringing Eric Carle’s artwork to this new medium is a dream come true for our team. We all grew up with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and to be able to bring these iconic images and graphics to children’s walls is an absolute honor.”

For more information about The World of Eric Carle collection, visit