Animal Planet to Release Interactive Apps

The Joester Loria Group is pleased to share the partnership between our client, Discovery Communications, and Cupcake Digital, Inc. for the creation of a series of original, deluxe activity apps for preschoolers and kindergarteners under the Animal Planet brand.

 The first interactive activity app is Animal Planet’s Hide & Seek Pets featuring images of domestic pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits and turtles. Young learners will engage in a story infused with stimulating activities that help them look beyond what they already know about each animal. Using the interactive format, children can develop vocabulary skills through various games, puzzles, tracing, sequencing and sorting activities.

 Cupcake Digital has identified a need for tools that help parents prepare their children for new Common Core State Standards being adopted in 47 states in the 2013 and 2014 school year. The Common Core standards are designed to prepare children in grades K-12 for college, careers and a global economy. The Animal Planet series of apps will focus on bringing to life the exciting world of animals, species and habitats in playful games that encourage learning.

Amazon Targets Kids With Its New Freetime Unlimited Service


Amazon recently introduced a new service called “Freetime Unlimited” that could change the way families and their children access content on tablet devices. Freetime Unlimited is targeted to parents and children between the ages of three and eight and it provides unlimited access to a wide variety of children’s content  including books, games, movies, TV shows and educational apps. It’s available to Amazon Prime members for a monthly fee of  $2.99 per child per month or a family subscription for $6.99 per month and $4.99 per child per month or a family subscription for $9.99 per month for non Amazon prime members. Currently the service only is available on Kindle Fire devices.

The service also offers some safety features including disabled in-app payments, ads, and social media links/references within FreeTime content. These features should provide parents with some peace of mind about allowing their children to use tablet devices. Additionally, all of the content available through Freetime Unlimited has been pre-screened for age appropriateness. Freetime Unlimited also allows each child to create a personalized profile of the content they like.

At The Joester Loria Group we realize the growing significance of apps and digital content as part of a successful brand licensing program. The Counting with The Very Hungry Caterpillar app from our client The World of Eric Carle is just one of many educational apps that can be accessed through Freetime Unlimited.

This new service gives Amazon an advantage when it comes to capturing market share for tablets among families with young children.

Check out some of the media buzz  Freetime Unlimited already has generated: Publishers Weekly, Wired and Android Police.