Brand Updates From The World of Eric Carle

World of Eric Carle Brand Updates

It’s been an exciting month for The Joester Loria Group’s client The World of Eric Carle, the brand based on the award-winning, beloved children’s publishing franchise, which promotes the joys of playful learning through Eric Carle’s timeless stories and vibrant artwork.

The brand’s centerpiece, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, was recently named by Parents as the number one all-time best book for toddlers. This honor demonstrates the impact of Eric Carle’s work continues to have more than 40 years after its debut. This exciting news came just in time for The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day on March 20th. Several of The World of Eric Carle’s licensing partners celebrated VHC Day with exciting promotions.

Across the globe in Japan, a World of Eric Carle event space made its debut at Dot DNP, Digital Picture Book Museum  in Tokyo.  The theme of the event is “Let’s Play and Learn with Colors” and it provides a space where families can engage with the brand, learn about Eric and his art, and play with and learn about colors. The exhibit is running through August 29, 2015 and features craft workshops and a digital Very Hungry Caterpillar experience, where visitors can take photos and color in their own butterflies. Additional elements of the exhibit include a photo booth with a Very Hungry Caterpillar backdrop, a reading space, lithographs of Eric’s work as well as a message from Eric himself.

The Joester Loria Group is exclusive brand licensing agency for The World of Eric Carle. Stay tuned for more exciting brand updates from The World of Eric Carle.

New Insights About Consumer and Brand Relationships

Private Label Store Brands recently reported the results of a Nielsen study on consumer and brand relationships. The study concluded that most consumers prefer new products under familiar brand names over new brands. The article points out that United States shoppers are drawn to their go-to established brands after developing relationships and trust over the years. While brand familiarity is a key trigger in purchases, this article shares that consumers can be open to new brands as long as there is a strong value proposition.

As a premier licensing agency, The Joester Loria Group works to develop brand extensions for established brands that leverage the trust and affinity consumers have for those brands. When licensing is used effectively, brand owners are able to extend their retail footprint, further engage consumers and monetize the brand equity through new product extensions.

Read the full Private Label Store Brands story here:

AdWeek’s Poll Highlighting The Best and Worst Brand Extensions of 2012

AdWeek and Parham Santana have joined forces to host a poll to select the best and worst brand extensions of the past year.  AdWeek’s article defines brand extension as “a new product that a brand famous in one category rolls out in another category. A time-honored tactic of the branding world, extensions are a great way both to enhance a brand’s image and boost the bottom line.”

Ten of both the best and worst examples of brand extensions are highlighted in the poll, and users are asked to pick three in each category.  Read AdWeek’s full article and vote in the poll:  Voting ends January 22 and the results will be published in the February 4 issue of Adweek.

Here at the Joester Loria Group we pride ourselves on developing innovative and strategic on-brand licensing programs, designed to deliver long-term results.   We are delighted to have had brand extensions developed by JLG recognized by Brand Week, and look forward to seeing this year’s nominees and winners.

The World of Eric Carle Expands Its Social Media Outreach

The World of Eric Carle’s social media campaign has generated more than 740,000 impressions since the March 2012 revamp of its social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and interaction with influential mommy blogs.  The relaunched Facebook page focuses on brand messaging, product giveaways, party ideas, and downloadable activities.  Over the past 6 months, the Facebook fan base has increased by 97%, with more than 5,270 “likes” and generating more than 220,000 impressions.

This month, The World of Eric Carle is hosting a do-it-yourself Halloween costume contest, asking fans to submit photos for a chance to win the ultimate Very Hungry Caterpillar prize set valued at over $150.00.  This is a fantastic way for the brand to interact with its fans while encouraging and sharing creative activities, something The World of Eric Carle brand is so much about. See the Facebook page for more details.

In April 2012, The World of Eric Carle launched its Pinterest page.  In just 5 months, the number of followers have increased by 256% with 665 followers. New boards include downloadable activities as well as a Craft & Activities board offering endless creative fun for parents and their children.  Pinterest’s popularity in party planning has allowed the Very Busy Party Planning board to be one of The World Of Eric Carle’s most popular Pinterest boards.  It features decorative cakes, dessert displays, healthy party snack options and fantastic handmade decor.

Blogging campaigns are also on-going, targeting influential mommy, daddy and educational blogs.  This outreach has generated more than 520,000 impressions with themed giveaways and product reviews.

The rise of social media has become a such a benefit to brands as it allows for the brand to develop a more meaningful relationship with consumers.  We continue to support social media efforts as a cornerstone of all branded programs.

Follow The World of Eric Carle on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Pepsi Partners with “X Factor” To Pick Its Newest Pop Star

Our client Pepsi recently introduced a new “pop star” in the form of a limited-edition dragon-fruit-flavored soda called Pepsi X. The new flavor is the result of a brand marketing partnership with the hit television show, “The X Factor.” Last spring, Pepsi launched its “Pepsi Flavor Audition Tour” at 20 of the locations where auditions for “The X Factor” were held. Contestants and fans were given the opportunity to sample four new flavors and vote on their favorite. More than 15.000 votes were cast and the dragon fruit flavor was the fan favorite.

The limited edition flavor hit store shelves on Monday, October 8th. The Pepsi X packaging also features “The X Factor” logo. This partnership is an excellent example of using crowd sourcing to develop and market a product. The program also organically integrates two well-known brands from different categories in a way that benefits both brands.

Packaging Digest recently covered this brand marketing partnership.

2012 Licensing Industry Report Recap

Marketing Daily recently posted an informative recap of LIMA’s 2012 Licensing Industry Report. The article highlighted the significant growth of brand licensing and trademark sales over the past year, with character–branded merchandise making up a prominent section of consumer sales.

Here at The Joester Loria Group, we are thrilled to hear this news and strongly agree with the report’s acknowledgment of the growth of digital properties. Our client Annoying Orange fits into this category. We recently posted about the Annoying Orange branded fruit snacks and television series.

The article touches upon how there has been a shift in attitude, and now companies are realizing the benefits of allowing licensing agencies to expand their brand on their behalf.

For more information about how licensing can be beneficial to a brand, visit our Licensing 101 section on our website.

For the full article “Brand Licensing Regaining Its Breath” on Marketing Daily visit Media Post.

Joester Loria Group’s View on Brand Extension

Branding Strategy Insider recently posted an interesting article explaining how brand extension can be considered both a friend and a foe. The article defines brand extension as expanding a property into new, adjacent categories with the ultimate goal of gaining the best financial return. The Joester Loria Group focuses on developing great brand extension for our clients and we understand the importance of closely aligning with the brand’s core values.

Branding Strategy Insider highlights My Dirty Jobs, a line of cleaning products inspired by Discovery Channel’s hit series. We are proud to have brokered this deal and delighted to see Brand Strategy Insider applaud the link between what the brand and the brand extension, saying “the fit between the well-known TV show and a line of cleaning products makes good sense.”

Read Branding Strategy Insider’s full article about brand extension.

Read the Joester Loria Group’s post about the My Dirty Jobs Line of licensed cleaning products.

Marketing Debate: Can Too Much Brand Awareness Be Damaging?

A recent USA Today article about brand awareness and trademarks raised some interesting questions about the effects of extremely high brand recognition. The article suggests that when a brand name is “genericized”, it can cause the brand to lose value. Examples include the iPad being synonymous with the tablet computer, Kleenex being used as the term for facial tissue and Band-Aid being used to refer to all bandages.

While high brand awareness is usually the goal of any marketing campaign, the article explains that it can also create issues when it comes to trademark law. The article gives the example of Bayer losing its trademark for aspirin in the 1920s and discusses what ubiquitous brands like Kleenex, Xerox and Band-Aid are doing to protect their brands’ trademarks.

However, some brands are shown to benefit from defining their industry. Two examples of brands that have benefited from their high brand awareness are Google and Apple.

At The Joester Loria Group, we recognize that brands have enormous value and that it is essential to diligently protect every brand’s integrity and equity.

Joester Loria Signs Oxford University

Oxford Limited, the licensor for the University of Oxford’s brand licensing program, has appointed The Joester Loria Group (JLG) as its agent for North America. The agency will develop the apparel and home furnishings categories for the U.S. and Canadian markets, categories successfully developed in Europe and Asia.

The University’s world-class libraries and museums will provide a rich source of reference and source material for Oxford’s brand licensing program. Central to the University’s brand licensing program, however, is its coat of arms and the University of Oxford name, as well as the many sports club marks. These assets have been captured in the extensive style guides that provide licensees with turnkey designs and graphics.

Oxford is the oldest English speaking university in the world, with the earliest records of teaching dating back to 1096.

Annoying Orange Creator Featured on

Dane Boedigheimer, creator of the hit YouTube sensation Annoying Orange recently gave an insightful interview to In the interview, Boedigheimer discussed his deal with the Cartoon Network that will take the series from computer screens to television screens this summer. He also spoke about how he uses social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote the series. The Joester Loria Group is proud to represent the licensing for this wildly popular property.

Here are some interesting facts that demonstrates the power of social media and You Tube and the popularity of the Annoying Orange brand:

*The Annoying Orange YouTube channel has more than one billion views and two million subscribers
*The Annoying Orange Facebook page has more than 10 million likes
*The Annoying Orange Twitter page has more than 200,000 followers
To watch the entire interview, click here:

To read the interview, click here:

2012 will be a huge year for Annoying Orange. Much more to come!