The Gains Project 2013


Kellogg’s welcomed 2013 with their annual January 2nd celebration, “Gains Day” – a day to focus on all you can “gain” as you lose weight in the year ahead.

A recent study, commissioned by Special K titled, “Positivity and Weight Management: A Look at the Gains,” revealed that women who think positively about weight management were more likely to achieve their specific weight loss goals. As women commit to their New Year’s resolutions, they’re encouraged to join women around the world who have already started focusing on the positive as they “weighed in” online about what they want to “gain” when they lose in 2013 as part of a recently-launched Gains Project.

The Gains Project, which launched in early December, is an online destination at that serves as a positive forum for women to share their desired “gains” with others and be inspired by one another as they think about weight management goals for the year ahead. ”The Gains Project”  provides women a way to use social media as a support system with a community of like-minded consumers.

Special K continues to be at the forefront of women’s weight loss initiatives and the Joester Loria Group is delighted to be working with Special K to identify inspirational tools for weight management success.